Membership – ICCM

Membership Categories

The Consortium shall consist of six types of membership: ordinary members, contributing members, honorary members, corporate members, institutional members, and student members.

● Ordinary member

Ordinary members shall possess a doctorate in the mathematical sciences.

New ordinary members shall be recommended by two incumbent ordinary members or one institutional member. Membership shall be granted upon approval of the Council and payment of the membership fee.

● Contributing member

Ordinary members shall become contributing members for a given year upon payment of the contributing membership fee (please refer to Article 2, Chapter 4, the Charter).

● Honorary member

Honorary members shall be individuals with significant or outstanding contributions to the Consortium. New honorary members shall be recommended by two or more members of the Council. Membership shall be granted upon approval of the Council and the Board of Trustees.

● Corporate member or institutional member

Any university, college, company, corporation, or other association interested in supporting the purpose of the Consortium and promotion of mathematics may become a corporate member or institutional member by filing a membership application and obtaining approval from the Council. The Consortium, in keeping with its strictly academic nature, shall not grant membership to any religious, political, lobbying, or for profit only organization.

● Student member

Student members shall be enrolled students working towards a doctorate degree. New student members shall be nominated by institutional members with whom they are affiliated. Their membership shall require approval of the Council and student members shall apply on an annual basis. The duration of student membership shall be no longer than two years. An institutional member may nominate no more than 15 student members per year.


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