ICCM Sze Lim Lectures

Every year ten ICCM Sze Lim Lectures will be held in the Greater China region each year, with aim to popularize and promote Mathematics and its development. The ten annual lectures are to be held in spring and autumn with one in each of the five regions in Greater China. Each event will last for one week, conducted by a speaker (hereafter referred to as “ICCM Sze Lim Chair Professor”) who will give at least two talks with one (hereafter referred to as “popular talk”) mainly aimed at an audience of over one hundred undergraduate students and high school students. For each event, Sze Lim Fund will provide up to US$5,000 to the organizer to subsidize the ICCM Sze Lim Chair Professor’s honorarium, accommodation, travel and other expenses.

Regulations available on http://www.ims.cuhk.edu.hk/iccm/ICCM%20Sze%20Lim%20Lectures_Rules_26Sept2016_v2.pdf

Application Form available on http://www.ims.cuhk.edu.hk/iccm/Application%20Form_v8.pdf

More under ICCM Sze Lim Lectures of http://www.ims.cuhk.edu.hk/iccm/

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